Friday, November 27, 2009

Full Circle

Yesterday I was driving home from the football game where my daughter had been playing flute with the band and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" came on the radio. I wanted to get home ahead of my family so that I could light the fires and set out some food to start off our Thanksgiving celebration. But for now, I was in the car, so I cranked up the music and began singing along. All of sudden, I was transported to a moment in time years earlier with my Mom. I was seated at the snack bar in our kitchen and she was singing the very same song. I was very aware and awake that day......I really listened to her......her voice was joyful and lovely. As I drove, tears started streaming down my cheeks, I looked up to heaven and proclaimed, "I Love You Mom!"

This morning I got up and put the coffee on, lit a couple candles, and turned on some Christmas music to start the day. As synchronicity would have it...."Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" was on - so I started singing! I was at the sink and turned around to see Abby seated at the kitchen table and she was listening to me sing. There are moments throughout the course of raising a child that you hope your children will forget, and then there are moments you hope they remember - I hope she remembers this morning and that it comforts her one day, just as the memory of my Mom on that Christmas long ago does me. To all of you.......Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, enjoy each precious moment together.

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